Loan Request Form

By submitting this form, I understand the following:

· I must be enrolled in and begin attendance in a minimum of six credit hours per term.

· I must have a completed financial aid file including a processed FAFSA and completion and submission of entrance counseling session and the Master Promissory Note. (

· I agree and accept the award amount and acknowledge direct subsidized loans will be awarded first if I am eligible.

· I understand the student loans awarding and disbursement information is available on the student portal.

· I understand that student loans will only be processed when all "Official" school transcripts are received when applicable.

· I understand and will adhere to the current Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy of Student Financial Services as posted on the FPC web page.

· I understand I have the option to change, modify or cancel my loan by submitting a written request to the Student Financial Services Office.

Please answer the following questions:

1. I have had a prior student loan.

2. Term loan request is for: