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Current CTE Schedule

Career and Technical Education - Instrumentation and Electrical Technology, Process Technology, and Pump & Engine

Spring 2019

CETT 1325Digital Fundamentals3McKinnis, B.CAI115W5-9pm
CETT 1409DC-AC Circuits4McKinnis, B.CAI115M5-9pm
ELPT 1357Industrial Wiring3Skaggs, T.CAI104R1-5pm
ELPT 1357Industrial Wiring3Skaggs, T.CAI104R5-9pm
ELPT 2339Electrical Power Distribution3Skaggs, T.CAI104T1-5pm
ELPT 2339Electrical Power Distribution3Skaggs, T.CAI104T5-9pm
ENER 1330Basic Mechanical Skills for Energy3Smith, L.CAI110T1-5pm
INMT 2303Pumps, Compressors & Mechanical Drives3Smith, L.CAI110T5-9pm
INTC 1348Analytical Instrumentation3Fangman, T.CAI105W1-5pm
INTC 1348Analytical Instrumentation3Fangman, T.CAI105W5-9pm
INTC 1355Unit Operations3Fangman, T.CAI105M1-5pm
INTC 1355Unit Operations3Fangman, T.CAI105M5-9pm
INTC 1358Flow & Measurement Calibration3Smith, L.CAI110W1-5pm
INTC 1358Flow & Measurement Calibration3Smith, L.CAI110W5-9pm
INTC 1391Special Topics in Instrumentation Technology/Technician3Fangman, T.CAI105T5-9pm
INTC 2388Internship: Instrumentation Technology/Technician3Staff---
PTAC 1302Introduction to Process Technology3Maxwell, R.CAI110R5-9pm
PTAC 2387Internship: Process Technology/Technician3Staff---
PTAC 2420Process Technology II: Systems4StaffCAI110M5-9pm


Fall 2018

CETT 1409-01DC/AC Circuits4McKinnis, BrendanCAI 105M5-10pm
CETT 1325-01Digital Fundamentals3Emory, JasonCAI 105TH5-9pm
INTC 2336-01Distributed Controls & PLC3Fangman, TimCAI 105W1-5pm
INTC 2336-02Distributed Controls & PLC3Fangman, TimCAI 105W5-9pm
INTC 1350-01Digital Measurement & Control3Smith, DeanCAI 105TU1-5pm
INTC 1350-02Digital Measurement & Control3Smith, DeanCAI 105TU5-9pm
INTC 2388-01Internship in I&E Technology3StaffCAI 105TBATBA
INTC 1391-01Special Topics in Instrumentation3Fangman, TimCAI 105TH1-5pm
INTC 1391-02Special Topics in Instrumentation3Fangman, TimCAI 105TH5-9pm
ELPT 1341-01Motor Control3Skaggs, TomCAI 104M1-5pm
ELPT 1341-02Motor Control3Skaggs, TomCAI 104M5-9pm
ELPT 2347-01Electrical Testing & Maintenance3Skaggs, TomCAI 104TH1-5pm
ELPT 2347-02Electrical Testing & Maintenance3Skaggs, TomCAI 104TH5-9pm
INTC 1305-01Introduction to Instrumentation3Maxwell, RichardCAI 110W1-5pm
INTC 1305-01Introduction to Instrumentation3Maxwell, RichardCAI 110TH5-9pm
INTC 1356-01Instrumentation Calibration3Fangman, TimCAI 105TU1-5pm
INTC 1356-02Instrumentation Calibration3Fangman, TimCAI 105TU5-9pm
CBFM 2317-01Mechanical Maintenance3Smith, DeanCAI 110M5-9pm
IEIR 1343-01Industrial Equipment Maintenance3Smith, DeanCAI 110W5-9pm
PTAC 2438-01Process Technology III- Operations3Allen, JobeP66TH5-9pm
PTAC 1308-01Safety, Health, & Environment I3Harlan, LanTBA (CA 110)TU5-9pm
CTEC 1391-01Special Topics in Chemical Tech3Maxwell, RichardTBA (CAI 112)TU1-5pm
PTAC 2388-01Internship in Process Technology3StaffTBA (CAI 112)TBATBA


Certificate(s) in CTE

Instrumentation & Electrical Associates of Applied Science Degree

Frank Phillips College is home to the largest training facility for petrochemical and refining operations in the Texas Panhandle. Frank Phillips College offers certificates in instrumentation, electrical, pump & engine and process tech fields. Students learn theory and practical skills in electronics, instrumentation, mechanical, and control at Borger, Dalhart, or Perryton sites. Students can earn a certificate in instrumentation, electrical, pump & engine, and process tech. Students will be eligible to work when they have completed one of these certificates. Students taking the instrumentation and electrical program will be eligible to receive an associate of applied science degree after completing 60 semester hours of course work.

Frank Phillips College workforce programs include courses offered at the FPC Center for Access & Innovation building located at 901 Opal Street in Borger, TX. For more information on any of the following classes, call 806-457-4200, ext. 776.

Admission to the Program
The instrumentation and electrical program accepts students in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Each program has a student-to-faculty ratio of less than 25:1, and admission is offered to students who have completed all admission requirements on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the program has enrolled students to capacity, the Director will create a wait list for students who may be admitted if space permits.

Careers in Instrumentation and Electrical 
The Texas Panhandle is the home for some of the largest petrochemical and refining operations. The demand for skilled instrumentation, electrical, process technicians and pump and engine technicians continues to grow. Our graduates enter the workforce with the equivalent of years of on-the-job experience. Companies continually hire students straight out of our program.

AAS Instrumentation & Electrical

The program is designed to develop technical knowledge regarding electrical systems and instrumentation to prepare students to enter careers as I&E Technicians in a variety of industries. 

Instrumentation Technology Certificate

Instrumentation students will install, maintain and calibrate devices used in the automation of industrial processes. These devices measure and control the pressure, temperature, level and flow of processes used in automated manufacturing and production.

Electrical Technology Certificate

Electrical students will learn blueprint reading, wiring, installing, and testing electrical systems; as well as troubleshooting, testing, fixing and upgrading already installed, improperly functioning, electrical systems.

Process Technology Certificate

Prepares students to become plant operator responsible for equipment, the hazards of the chemicals, and the chemistry and physics involved in process technology. Teaches students to read piping and instrumentation diagrams, identify equipment, troubleshoot equipment, and operate simulators.

Pump and Engine Technology

Prepares students with the mechanical skills to work on the motors and pumps used in oil, gas, and other industry. Teaches students to identify different types of equipment, operations, and troubleshooting skills needed to become a highly-trained pump and engine technician.

Meet the Team

Taryn Fraley
Dean of Career and Technical Education 

Jason Emory
Director of Industrial Education

Tim Fangman
Assistant Professor of I&E

Thomas Skaggs
Adjunct Instructor of Electrical

Richard Maxwell
Adjunct Instructor of Process Technology

Dean Smith
Adjunct Instructor of Pump and Engine

Brendan McKinnis
Adjunct Instructor of I&E

John LaCour
Instructor of Process Technology

Bobby Forrest
Adjunct Instructor of Process Technology

Alma Armendariz
CTE and Grant Coordinator

Jimmie McCarthy
Office Assistant

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