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Frank Phillips College Panhandle Safety Center

Classes are offered on-campus, off-site, and remotely. We also offer Safety Training on our campuses in Dalhart and Perryton.

- Hours of Operation -
Monday through Thursday  7:00am to 4:00pm

Fridays 7:00am to 12:00pm


Frank Phillips College Safety Training Center Registration & Company Setup

FPCSTC Company Registration Information

Detailed instructions for registering your company can be found HERE. 

To start the registration process please visit our FPC STC Center Login Site.

Registration & Database Information

Registering a Training:

  1. A client application must be submitted. This is available HERE.
  2. After you submit the application you will receive your Member ID, your user name and password.
  3. Go to the website above and then click on Online Registration & First Advantage Background Check.
  4. Enter your Member ID, User name and password and click SUBMIT.
  5. To register employees for training go to the registration button, please read and accept the information.
  6. If you don’t allow Spanish training then just hit submit on the second screen
    **you will not be able to register for Spanish training if you don’t click accept on the second page.**
  7. You should then see a calendar. Click on the date you want the training.
  8. Click the Trainees tab.
  9. Then, enter the trainees Social Security number. If they aren’t in the database a box will come up to enter the employees first and last name. You can continue to enter employees if they are all taking the same training.
  10. Then go to courses tab. Check the boxes of the courses the employees need to take. They are separated with buttons at the top:
                  • General (BOP, Lockout Tagout, ect..)
                  • Site( Conoco, Chevron, Conoco HF Acid, ect..)
                  • Company ( if your company has company specific training)
                  • Spanish ( you will only be able to choose this if you agreed to the Spanish training rules)
  11. After you have selected the courses click on the instructions tab. This is where you will enter PO numbers, if they need to pay or any special instruction. You must also enter your first and last name so that we know who to contact with any questions.
  12. Then click the confirmation tab. CONFIRM that all classes are correct.
    **If there is a mistake you can click the x next to the employees name**
  13. If everything is correct click SUBMIT.
  14. You will then receive a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the safety center to ensure your employees are registered.

Cancelling a Students Training:

  1. Click Class roster
  2. Enter date of class
  3. Find student
  4. Click red delete button
  5. Make sure you delete all training they will not be attending. You can also use this to see who you have scheduled for a specific date or date range.

Training Verification

  1. Click on training verification
  2. Enter employee Social Security Number or Badge Id
  3. Click submit This will show all current training records

For all records: *to show expired training also*

  1. Click training verification
  2. Enter employee Social Security Number or Badge Id
  3. Click all records
  4. Click submit 

For More Information/Visual Representation of these steps, click here.

             Frank Phillips College Safety Training Center Member Information

First Advantage Background Checks

  1. Login to registration database
  2. Click on Background Order
  3. Enter PO or Jobsite # if you have one
  4. Enter the employee Social Security Number click search
  5. If trainee is not found enter employees name exactly as it appears on the Social Security Card.
  6. Click Save
  7. Then click search
  8. Check the box for Grd Package 2.0, multiple boxes will automatically be marked do not uncheck any other boxes.
  9. Fill in all boxes that have an asterisk
  10. Make sure to enter the Drivers License number and state or the Motor Vehicle report will not run. (if it is added later it is an additional charge)
  11. Click submit.
    *A duplicate charge will occur by clicking submit more than once!*

This is a new graded background package. The cost has increased to $100 per screen.

Background Checks   Users Guide(s)
First Advantage Background Check           First Advantage Users Guide
S2 Verify Background Checks   S2 Verify Users Guide
DISA Background Check    

(CBT) Computer-Based Training

Many of the FPCSTC’s courses are computer-based.

These classes have no specific start time, although the same registration procedures for instructor led classes are required for CBT classes. CBT courses are self-paced: therefore, class time will vary. No trainee will be allowed to start a CBT course after 1:30 pm.

A15BOP ARSC Basic Orientation Plus
A15BOPR ARSC Basic Orientation Plus Refresher
A15BOPSP ARSC Basic Orientation Plus Spanish
A15BBP ARSC Blood Borne Pathogens
A15ESNQ ARSC Electrical Safety for the NQ Worker
A15FW ARSC Fire Watch
A15CSE ARSC Confined Space
A15LOF ARSC Line of Fire
A15GHS ARSC Globally Harmonized Systems
A15BNZ ARSC Benzene
A15BGM ARSC Basic Gas Monitoring
A15ELW ARSC Elevated Work
A15HC ARSC Hazard Communication
A15HEAR ARSC Hearing Conservation
A15LOTO ARSC Lockout Tagout
A15PSM ARSC Process Safety Management

15RESP            Respiratory Protection 

15CVPSS         Chevron Phillips Site Specific 

15P66BOR       Phillips 66 Site Specific Borger 

15P66HFA       P66 HF ACID

15SOLRYT       Solvay Ryton Borger Plant 

15COPHFS      COP HF Site Specific Spanish 

15SPCOP        COP Site Specific Spanish 



Stand Up Lecture Classes

ARSC Basic Orientation Plus- Mondays Class starts at 7:30am
ARSC Basic Orientation Plus Spanish
Aerial Lift
Hazwoper 8hr
NFPA 70E- Electrical Safety in the Workplace
Respirator Fit Testing
Scaffold Competent Person
Scissor Lift

Company Specific Training 

We offer classes specific for the following companies: 
Air Liquide
Altair Strickland 
Western Refining 
Total Safety 
CHS Laurel Site

Valid Identification

Attendees must present a valid form of photo identification. Identification must be original documents; no copies or facsimiles are acceptable. The identification must ALSO meet the following criteria:

  1. A valid United States Government issued identification card or license that contains a current photograph. This document must be unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days with valid receipt of renewal.
  2. Valid United States Government issued identification consists of: State Driver License, State or Federal Identification Card, State or Federal Inmate Card (includes County & Municipality) or Military Identification or a valid U.S. passport that contains a current photograph.
  3. The Government issued “TWIC” is acceptable form of ID.

Note: For Safeland Training employee must present 2 (two) forms of ID one must be a State or Government issued ID as listed above.


Contact information:

Frank Philips College Panhandle Safety Center 

Map to Safety Center