Special Accommodations

Disability Services at Frank Phillips College

The Frank Phillips College staff works together to provide equal access to the college's programs, activities, and services. Students with disabilities may apply for accommodations by providing appropriate documentation to FPC's counselor, Becky Green.

Documentation of a learning disability must include a specific diagnosis, recommended accommodations, and the diagnostician's assessment of test scores. Documentation of physical disabilities should include a specific diagnosis and recommended accommodations from medical personnel. Each request for accommodations, along with the accompanying written documentation, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The following are examples of documented disabilities:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Chronic medical illnesses
  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Speech impairments
  • Mobility impairments

Student Responsibilities
There is a difference in the level of responsibility between high school and college. Once students enter college, it is their responsibility to request accommodations. Students with disabilities must:

  • Self-report requests for accommodations to the counselor
  • Provide current and relevant documentation of their disabilities
  • Meet with the counselor to discuss plans for appropriate accommodations
  • Communicate with instructors regarding accommodations
  • Use approved accommodations as discussed with the counselor

All documentation is confidentially maintained in the counselor's office. Only those who are directly involved in arranging for or providing accommodations have access to students' records.

Examples of Accommodations
Listed below are examples of reasonable classroom accommodations. Actual accommodations will be determined after review of provided documentation.

  • Extra time on assignments and tests
  • Alternate testing location
  • Test reader
  • Copies of classroom notes
  • Use of word processor for written assignments

Communication with Instructors
A student who has been approved to receive accommodations will be issued a letter of accommodations for each class. While the counselor will provide each of the student's instructors with a copy of the letter, the student must communicate with his or her instructors to plan appropriately for each class.

Plan for Success
Students with disabilities follow the same application procedures as all other students. After you apply for admission and receive your acceptance letter to attend FPC, go to the Library, Room 22, or call 806-457-4200, ext. 777. Tell the counselor that you would like to apply for accommodations. To better meet your needs, it is important to start this process well before the semester begins.

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