Rural Nursing Education Consortium (RNEC)

Amarillo College, Frank Phillips College, and five regional hospital districts are pleased to announce the formation of a consortium conceived to increase the number of homegrown nurses serving rural Panhandle communities.

The Rural Nursing Education Consortium (RNEC) will support nursing educational opportunities throughout both Colleges' service areas with a goal of producing nurses where they live in order to create a healthy future for these communities.

Member Hospital Districts:
Coon Memorial Hospital
Golden Plains Community Hospital
Hereford Regional Medical Center
Moore County Hospital
Ochiltree General Hospital

Programs Offered:
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) certification
Registered Nurse (RN) certification *BEGINNING FALL 2021*

Program Locations:
Amarillo College Campus in Hereford
Amarillo College Campus in Dumas
Frank Phillips College Campus in Borger
Frank Phillips College Rahll Campus in Dalhart
Frank Phillips College Allen Campus in Perryton

Licensed Vocational Nurse and Registered Nurse Program(s)

Approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and by the Texas Board of Nursing, Frank Phillips College Vocational Nursing program is licensed to offer Vocational Nursing Certificates. This program is a 12-month program dedicated to the preparation of valuable members of the health care team, both male and female, who share in the care of the sick and in the prevention of illness under the direction of a licensed physician and/or registered nurse.
FPC has recently formed a consortium with Amarillo College and five (5) hospital districts to offer our LVN program in more rural communities in the Texas Panhandle. We are now offering our Vocational Nursing program to both Dumas and Hereford through this consortium (RNEC). Upon completion of the LVN program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN Examination. After successfully passing the examination, the graduate receives a license to practice as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Students will also be eligible to enroll in the ADN program through AC at the same rural location they complete their LVN certificate to finish their nursing education with their RN certificate in 3 additional terms. 
Through this consortium, Amarillo College will also offer their ADN program to Borger, Dalhart, Dumas, Hereford and Perryton at the local college campus. Amarillo College has a highly regarded, fully accredited program for nursing. Seventy percent of nurses in the Amarillo, TX service area have attended AC. This consortium allows AC to expand their program to the rural Texas panhandle to educate nurses within the communities they live in and want to continue to reside. The prior limitations to students who were unable to commute to Amarillo and who wanted to earn their certificate and work local to their home community will be removed with this consortium.   

Careers in Nursing

A licensed vocational nurse tends to the needs of sick, injured, convalescent, and disabled people. Vocational nurses work independently but are often supervised by medical doctors and registered nurses. Experienced vocational nurses may become charge nurses who oversee the work of other VNs and unlicensed medical staff, such as nursing assistants and aides. Registered nurses play an essential role in promoting health and wellness. They help improve the quality of life of everyone from infants to the elderly. Registered nurses provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

Contact information for Texas Board of Nurse Examiners
Texas Board of Nurse Examiners
33 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460
Austin, Texas 78701-3944
Phone: (512) 305-7400

General Information on Year One of RNEC - LVN Program

Frank Phillips offers the LVN certificate portion of this program and takes approximately two (2) terms to complete. Through RNEC, as long as you meet necessary requirements you will transition into the ADN program seamlessly between year one to year two. 


  1. Apply to Frank Phillips College
  2. Be TSI complete or taking preparatory classes
  3. Complete the three (3) required pre-requisites before beginning year one of the RNEC program. These pre-requisites are:
    • General Psychology - PSYC 2301
    • Anatomy & Physiology I - BIOL 2401
    • Anatomy & Physiology II -  BIOL 2402
      *BIOL 1322, MATH PN 0303, and HITT 1305 should be completed prior to enrolling in Year One of the program. If not done prior, these will need to be completed concurrently during year one of RNEC as continuing education courses.  
  4. The RNEC LVN Nursing program takes new students every August and graduates in May.
  5. The application process for YEAR ONE of the RNEC program begins FEBRUARY 1st and closes JUNE 30th.
  6. Applications are available HERE.

If you have any questions, please call Laura Sargent, Administrative Assistant of RNEC at 806-457-4200 ext 746.

Curriculum Outline

General Information on Year Two of RNEC - ADN Program

Amarillo College offers the RN certificate portion of this program and it takes approximately three (3) terms to complete.


  1. Apply to Amarillo College
  2. Attend AC in-person orientation or watch virtual orientation HERE and fill out the Attestation Statement and email it to edunn@actx.edu
  3. Meet with an Amarillo College nursing advisor. 

    a. Susan McClure: SHMcClure@actx.edu, or book online at SusanHolstunMcclure.youcanbook.me

    b. Sayra Maldonado: s0156514@actx.edu

  4. Be TSI complete or have taken necessary preparatory classes
  5. RNEC transition portion requires five (4) pre-requisites before beginning year one of the RNEC program. In addition to the three (3) pre-requisites required to start, RNEC year two requires three (4) additional pre-requisites. These pre-requisites are:
      • General Psychology - PSYC 2301
      • Anatomy & Physiology I - BIOL 2401
      • Anatomy & Physiology II -  BIOL 2402
      • Microbiology - BIOL 2420
      • Comp I - ENGL 1301
      • Speech - 3 credit hours from approved course list
      • Fine Arts - 3 credit hours from approved course list
  6. The application process for YEAR TWO of the RNEC program begins January 1st and closes June 30th.
  7. RNEC applications are available HERE.

If you have any questions, please call Laura Sargent, Administrative Assistant of RNEC at 806-457-4200 ext 746.

Curriculum Outline

FPC Vocational Nursing Manual & Policy Forms

Student Nursing Policy Manual

Nursing Simulation Lab Policies

2023-2024 RNEC Admission Policy

AC Associate Degree Nursing (LVN to ADN Option) Manual & Policy Forms

Associate Degree Nursing LVN to ADN option Advising Packet

*Includes forms you will need to read and sign. These forms will need to be submitted with your Nursing Application. These forms can also be found within the online application. 

Frank Phillips College School of Vocational Nursing Philosophy

The Vocational Nursing Department acknowledges and supports the mission, goals, and philosophies of Frank Phillips College, of which we are a part and of Amarillo College, of which we are partnered with to offer RNEC on all of our rural campuses. We believe the Vocational Nursing Department is an integral part of Frank Phillips College and Rural Amarillo College in Hereford and Dumas, and should be designed to promote excellence in the nursing profession while serving the needs of the students and the community.

We believe that Vocational Nursing provides an important service and is directed toward assisting individuals and families in maintaining optimal health. Vocational nurses are a vital part of the health care team. Vocational Nursing emphasizes the importance of expert technical skills in providing competent bedside care for patients in a variety of health care settings.

We believe that Vocational Nursing is based upon principles and is directed toward meeting the basic needs of man utilizing the nursing process to provide individualized nursing care through the life span.

We believe that the teaching-learning process is dynamic and requires both learner and teacher to be self-directed and active participants. Learning is a lifelong process and as an important part of life, enhances personal and professional growth. We believe that a learning situation proceeds from simple to more complex concepts and includes the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. Learning results in a change of behavior that depends on individual abilities, experiences, motivation, and readiness for learning.

We believe that Vocational Nursing education prepares a Vocational Nurse to function as a skilled, technical, primary health care provider in a variety of health care settings, and that it provides the basis for further nursing study.

RNEC Admission Requirements

RNEC is a consortium between 5 rural hospital districts, AC and FPC. RNEC will offer LVN and ADN programs through Frank Phillips College (LVN portion of the program) and Amarillo College (ADN portion of the program). It is the goal of the consortium to present nursing education to rural communities. We strive to streamline the transition process between FPC and AC and offer both LVN and ADN certificate programs at all 5 campuses we service. The basic admission requirements are listed below, however, dependent on when you enter the program, specific additional requirements may be presented to you at time of application.

  1. Any individual making application to the Frank Phillips College Vocational Nursing Program must have completed high school or have a GED Certificate. An official transcript/copy of certificate must be on file in the Office of Admission and Records.
  2. Students must meet all requirements for entrance to the college including taking the college entrance exam and achieve the minimum score set by the college.
  3. An official transcript from all colleges attended must be on file in Office of Admission and Records and a copy of all transcripts on file in the Nursing Department.
  4. The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) now requires students to be Board approved before beginning clinical in a Nursing program. Therefore, FPC nursing program will require all students to undergo their DPS/FBI criminal fingerprint background check during the Spring/Summer, so BON approval can be obtained prior to October 1st. Failure to receive BON approval by October 1st will result in immediate withdrawal from the Frank Phillips Vocational Nursing Program.
  5. All Applicants must take the HESI nursing entrance test and achieve the acceptable scores.
  6. Prior to acceptance, applicants shall present evidence of being in good physical and mental health and show proof of a physical examination (completed FPC Physical Examination Form), dated not more than three months prior to acceptance. Any applicant currently being treated for any physical or mental health condition must have the examination completed by the health care provider treating said condition.
  7. Required immunizations must be completed and submitted to the nursing offices by August 1st with the exception of the flu vaccine which should not be taken until after September 1st. The required immunizations are based on both college and clinical site policy and are subject to change without notice. See FPC Immunization/Test Form for current requirements.
  8. WECM courses with equivalent or greater clock hours may be transferred to Frank Phillips College Nursing Program if a minimum grade of C was obtained.
  9. Three (3) prerequisite courses will be required before acceptance into the Nursing Program. These include:
    1. General Psychology
    2. Anatomy And Physiology I
    3. Anatomy and Physiology II
  10. There are two (2) HIGHLY recommended courses that all students are encouraged to take before acceptance to the Nursing Program, Nutrition and Medical Terminology. Students that do not take these courses prior to acceptance in the program will be required to take the courses as Continuing Education courses during the program.
  11. Transfer students will be considered for acceptance to the Frank Phillips College Nursing Program. All nursing courses to be accepted must have a minimum grade of C. The transfer courses must have equivalent or greater clock hours and content comparable to FPC course. In addition, the student will be expected to pass the HESI specialty exam for each course being transferred.
  12. The Director reviews each prospective student's file before final student selection. The file must include:
    1. Nursing Application
    2. BNE Questionnaire
    3. High School transcript or GED scores
    4. College entrance exam scores
    5. HESI Admission Assessment Scores
    6. Copy of all college transcripts
    7. Background Verification (by October 1st)
    8. Immunization Record and TB test/Chest X-ray
    9. Signed Policy and Confidentiality Statement (First day of Nurse Camp)
  13. The Director will email a letter to the applicant notifying him/her of their acceptance or rejection.
  14. Frank Phillips College School of Vocational Nursing prerequisite classes begin with the summer mini-term. Each prospective student should be present and ready to start classes on the designated date.

Vocational Nursing Application 

For Year 1 of the RNEC program (LVN) please review attached information before completing your application.

*Please note, you must apply and be accepted by FPC before submitting your application, for more information view the RNEC admission requirements tab.*

Are you ready to submit your application?

For Year 2 of the RNEC program (ADN) please review the ADN Application Information tab.

*Please note, you must apply and be accepted by AC before submitting your application, have watched the virtual orientation video, and meet with an Amarillo College nursing advisor. For more information view the ADN admission requirements tab.*

If you are planning to apply for Year Two of the RNEC program, please watch this orientation video and submit your Attestation Statement to e.dunn@actx.edu prior to applying.

AC RNEC Transition Orientation Video

AC Transition Orientation Attestation Statement

Required Form(s) for Year One of Program -

FPC Physical Examination Form

FPC Immunization/Test Form


Required Form(s) for Year Two of Program -

AC Nursing Program Statement of Understanding and Agreement(s) & Student Disclosure Forms




Hesi Exam Information

You are qualified to take the HESI if we have received your

  • College application 
  • TSI scores
  • Nursing application

Students must contact the nursing department at 806-457-4200 ext. 746 to schedule an exam before the day of the test.  All tests will be taken in the nursing classroom.  Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the testing time.  Students must bring a photo ID to test.  Students will pay the $50 testing fee with cash or check the day of the test.  No credit or debit cards will be accepted.

Contact Laura McIntire at 806-457-4200 ext. 746 to reserve your testing seat for the one of the dates listed below:

The HESI Nursing Entrance Exam 2023 Schedule

May 16, 2023 - Dalhart and Borger only

8:30am & 1pm

May 17, 2023 - Dumas, Hereford and Perryton only

8:30am & 1pm

May 23, 2023 - Hereford, Borger and Perryton only

8:30am & 1pm

May 24, 2023 - Dumas and Dalhart only

8:30am & 1pm

Call (806) 457-2400 ext. 746 or 745 to schedule an appointment.

ALL First Time Testers: Last Chance

July 24, 2023 - Dumas and Dalhart


July 25, 2023 - Hereford


July 27, 2023 - Borger and Perryton


2nd Time Testers: Final Dates

August 1, 2023 - Hereford


August 2, 2023 - Dumas and Dalhart


August 3, 2023 - Borger and Perryton


HESI Admission Assessment Exam (A2)

• Reading Comprehension (55 items)

Provides reading scenarios in order to measure reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc. Recommended time: 60 minutes

• Basic Math Skills (55 items)

Focuses on math skills needed for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, household measures, general math facts, etc. Recommended time: 50 minutes

A & P
• Anatomy and Physiology (30 items**)

Provides coverage of general terminology and anatomical structures and systems. Recommended time: 25 minutes

HESI Study Guide Information
HESI PN 4th edition is the most current HESI study guide. Cost is approximately $35.00 depending on which website you use.

Frank Phillips College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees.  Contact the Commission on colleges at 1866 Southern Lane Decatur, Georgia  30033-4097 or call (404) 679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Frank Phillips College.

FPC Notice of Non-Discrimination


Amarillo College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate degrees and certificates. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Amarillo College.

AC Title IX Statement