The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hope as: (1) a desire accompanied by expectation of belief in fulfillment.

The Borger community has numerous businesses and organizations who help to give hope to area residents.  Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips, Nutrien, Solvay, United Supermarkets, Rotary, United Way, just to name a few.  One very helpful organization that is often overlooked is the Hutchinson Oil Patch Extravaganza (HOPE).

HOPE is a local charitable organization with the sole purpose of benefiting the citizens and communities of Hutchinson County. 60% of the funds are granted to the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network, and 40% of the funds are granted to Frank Phillips College for scholarships.  This year the HOPE organization donated almost $15,000 to help students attending FPC.  The name of the organization is apropos as HOPE gives hope to so many.

One of the biggest fundraisers for HOPE is the annual Gala held at the famous Crutch Ranch. This year, the Gala will be held on September 24th.  In 1988, through the efforts of HOPE founder Leah Boren, Clovis Boren, Jack and Becky King and many other dedicated community members, the HOPE Gala was started.  These individuals brought together local volunteers, businesses, and community members dedicated to improving lives of Hutchinson County residents.  And HOPE continues to improve lives today.

A documentary was produced about the 2021 HOPE Gala which includes many moving testimonies and comments from the volunteers and organizers of the event.  Many of you have experienced the positive atmosphere that the event brings to the community and how the HOPE Gala brings the community together for a great cause. Certainly, HOPE is strengthening the fabric of the Borger community and is a wonderful opportunity to meet area residents if one is new to the area.

The Bible teaches that we have not been given the spirit of fear, but of hope.  Furthermore, hope is intertwined with faith. Hope sees the invisible and achieves the impossible. The HOPE organization reflects these attributes through its efforts to help neighbors in need.

As American actress Elizabeth Taylor once said, “It’s all about hope, kindness, and a connection with one another.”

The greater good of our community is an essential goal.  One of the best and important characteristics of a community is reflected by the good it does through its generosity and helping of those in need. It is what makes Hutchison County a wonderful place to live.  It is the commitment to working men and women, to the needy and the helpless, and to the many around us.  We should all embrace our capacity to volunteer, to act and to unite for the greater good just as HOPE does.

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Dr. Glendon Forgey