Transfer Students

The first stop for transfer students. Step by step instructions to guide you through the transfer process.

Transfer Students
Students transferring into FPC will be required to submit an official transcript for evaluation by the Director of Enrollment Management. Academic status (in good standing, probation, or suspension) will be determined based on their official transcripts in the same manner as other FPC students. Students transferring to FPC should refer to the General Admission Requirements for additional transfer requirements. An evaluation of the credits earned at another institution will be completed by the Director of Enrollment Management. No grades of D, F, W, or I will transfer from another institution into Frank Phillips College. Students who fail to provide an official college or high-school transcript by the end of the first semester of enrollment will not be allowed to enroll in subsequent semesters until an official transcript is provided.

Transfer Transcript Evaluation
Disclosed in the admission guidelines for transfer students is the requirement for submitting all official transcripts from any institutions of higher education previously attended. Failure to note all previous institutions is considered a violation of the application, and students violating this process may be administratively withdrawn with no refunds. It is the intent of Frank Phillips College to evaluate all in-coming transcripts at the time of receipt. However, should a conditional registration be processed without official transcripts or formal evaluation, the evaluation will be completed prior to the end of the first academic term in which the student is enrolled.

The Director of Enrollment Management shall determine transfer of credits and may contact a student’s advisor for recommendations of credits to be accepted; when an advisor or counselor recommends a course that is not listed in the Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM), the Director of Enrollment Management will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval. Approval for transfer of credits not listed in the ACGM will require documentation that the course is equivalent to the course for which credit is awarded. This documentation may include a course description or a course syllabus from the transfer institution. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will determine the appropriateness of the course for transfer.



  • Certificate and degree-seeking students must submit official transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended to the FPC Office of Educational Services. Have your transcripts mailed to:
    Frank Phillips College Admissions Office
    P.O. Box 5118
    Borger, TX. 79008
    Transcripts become the property of the college and will not be returned to the student or forwarded to another school.

  • Electronic transcripts sent from another institution of higher education to Frank Phillips College must be sent directly to the Admissions Office at
    Transcripts received by any other office at any location are considered unofficial.


Transcript Evaluation

The transcripts must be evaluated by the Director of Enrollment Management upon receipt at FPC via the completion and approval of the appropriate degree plan form. In the event that a conditional registration is processed without official transcripts or formal evaluation, the evaluation must be completed prior to the end of the first academic semester or session in which the student is enrolled.

Transfer students who are not on academic probation or suspension at the institution most recently attended will be admitted in good standing.


Readmission Policy

Transfer students who are on academic probation or suspension at the institution most recently attended must meet the criteria for readmission disclosed in the Academic Policies section.

If a transcript is received that shows academic suspension from the last school attended AFTER the student has completed enrollment at Frank Phillips College, the student will be subject to administrative withdrawal with forfeiture of tuition and fees. Likewise, a student may be administratively withdrawn if a transcript is received that shows testing information contrary to information provided by the student.


Are you Leaving FPC to transfer to a University? 

Transfer 101 - A Guide for Transferring from Community Colleges to Universities

The website is packed with user-friendlyy information and step by step instructions on how to successfully transition from community college to universities.

Many students begin their college careers at a community college like Frank Phillips College, knowing that they will eventually transfer to a university to finish a bachelor’s degree. If this is your future, we want to help you choose Frank Phillips College courses that will transfer and count toward your university.

It’s important to remember that specific majors have specific requirements. Many times, you can find this information on the website for the university you plan to attend;counselors and other advisors can help you make these decisions as well. Sometimes, students don’t realize that there is a difference between transferability and applicability. In other words, courses may transfer to a university, but not apply to the major you have chosen. For instance, if you begin your college career intending to major in History and then later switch to Business, many of the courses that you completed for the History degree will transfer and apply, but some will not. Many majors have specific course requirements, as do most universities.

Until you know what you are majoring in and where you want to complete your degree the counseling and advising staff will recommend that you take basic classes that transfer well to universities. The more specific you can be will help both you and our advising staff to serve you better.

If you are transferring hours from another institution to Frank Phillips College, please provide updated transcripts when meeting with your advisor.