College: Is It Really Worth It?

Many people ask whether college is worth the cost?  They rightfully point out the increasing prices of tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation, and other factors in order to earn a degree or certificate. 

No doubt, with 40-year high inflation, just about every component of taking college classes has increased.  Frank Phillips College (FPC) is no exception.  However, while the Consumer Price Index exceeded 9% this summer and has averaged nearly 8.3% since last November, the cost to attend classes at FPC was held to a much lower percentage increase.

How does FPC compare to other area colleges and universities? 

This is an excellent question.  Usually if a student is not a resident of the service area of the community college in which they attend, the student will pay a higher rate.  For example, a Hutchinson County resident taking classes with Amarillo College will pay higher out of district tuition rates than the rates offered at FPC.  Furthermore, one would discover that the cost to attend a local regional university is twice as much as compared to attending FPC.  This is a very good reason to earn an associate’s degree at FPC before transferring to a regional or state university.

Some would like to earn a degree or certificate but have limited financial resources.  Fortunately, FPC is blessed with many organizations and businesses who have donated funds for scholarships.  Furthermore, the college recently received a Texas Reskilling and Upskilling Education grant that provides funds for some courses. 

One of the best reasons that makes college worth it is the dual credit program. Dual credit students take traditional and career technical education related courses to help prepare for career goals.  FPC provides college level courses to nearly 1,000 area high school students who take advantage of low tuition that is often paid by the local independent school district.  In addition, FPC waives most fees for dual credit students to keep college more affordable.

In addition to the cost factor, one should consider the quality of education they receive.  No one will find a better quality of college education than at FPC, where small class sizes and dedicated faculty lead to high student success.

Numerous studies have shown that obtaining a degree or workforce training certificate ultimately leads to higher earnings over one’s lifetime.  Whether it is a career goal to earn credentials to become a teacher, veterinarian, nurse, welder, mechanic, or cosmetologist, etc., the journey starts at FPC. 

So, is earning a college degree or certificate worth it? 

Just ask one of the nearly 1,700 record breaking FPC students enrolled for fall classes.  FPC enrolled almost 1,700 students for the first time in its history!  A remarkable achievement and a great tribute to the excellent faculty and staff at FPC.  Certainly, these students believe that earning a college degree or certificate is worth the cost and will be beneficial to them in the future.

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Dr. Glendon Forgey