VA Enrollment Request


The function of Student Financial Services is to assist students with completion of proper forms and coordinate the certification procedures for Veteran Education Benefits.

  • Students receiving VA education benefits must provide official transcripts of all previous colleges attended, military transcripts and DD 214 in order to apply prior credits to current course of study.
  • Students receiving VA benefits must attend class and make satisfactory progress to be eligible for benefits.
  • Students must report to the VA Coordinator each time a change (add/withdraw/drop) is made to your class schedule immediately. This affects your benefits, amount(s) received and could result in a debt owed to the VA and/or Frank Phillips College.
  • Students may be required to pay back portions of the benefits received if they drop or fail a course or receive a non-punitive grade (I, W, P).
  • All course work must satisfy requirements for the declared major.
  • All changes of your major must be reported to the VA Coordinator with a completed form VA 22-1995.
  • Students are responsible for checking FPC billing statements as well as monitoring communication through student email.
  • Students receiving VA benefits are eligible for tutorial assistance and should contact the Student Financial Services office for additional information.

Veteran regulations require that a student receiving VA educational benefits select a degree objective and make satisfactory progress toward completion of that objective. Students will only be certified for academic courses that apply to their degree plan.

By submitting this form, I have read and understand the Standard of Progress for Receipt of Veteran Benefits at Frank Phillips College. I understand that payment of tuition and fees is ultimately my responsibility. I understand that I am responsible for providing all needed documentation in a timely manner. I understand that I must submit a copy of my schedule and complete the VA Enrollment Request Form with Student Financial Services each semester.