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Study tips to help finish the semester

By Miranda Downing
Plainsmen Post Staff

Everyone knows that freshman year is the most important since it frames how the rest of your years go. If you don’t know, well now you do. Here are four studying tips you may want to know or use as the school year gets further along.

Listening to music helps you retain information: Studies have shown that when listening to music, especially music with no lyrics such as classical, you remember information better. Now, it would also help if the teacher would let you listen to the music during tests or quizzes, but since that would probably be a no-go, we’ll stick to what we can get.

Read the material the teacher assigns you: Opening a book won’t hurt you and obviously you won’t gather the information you need by using the textbook as a pillow for a nap.

Study Groups:  Sophomore Ashley Russell said she chooses a study partner based on how comfortable she is with that person.  “Don’t do it alone and have someone who knows what they’re doing and ask the teacher for help.

Go to an unfamiliar place: Freshman Christian Avila suggests going somewhere unfamiliar to study. “Not being at home due to distractions. Go somewhere you haven’t been too like the TRiO Lab.”

Hopefully these tips will help you with studying during the school year and passing your classes with a minimum of a C and the highest of an A. Just because Degree starts with a D, doesn’t mean that’s the grade we want.

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