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Presidential Search

The Board of Regents of Frank Phillips College have announced that the search for a new President of FPC is underway. 

The Position

The Board of Regents has announced that the search in underway for the next President of Frank Phillips College.

Applications and nominations for the position of President of Frank Phillips College are currently being accepted until the position is filled.

The target date for applications is: October 23, 2020

If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to make a confidential inquiry please contact:

Bill Holda Julie Golder
Ed. D., ACCT Search Consultant J.D., Vice President of Search Services, ACCT OR (903) 987-3332 mobile OR (202) 384-5816 mobile, (202) 775-4477 office


The Board of Regents at Frank Phillips College invites applications and nominations for the position of President to replace Dr. Jud Hicks, who is retiring on December 31 after a very successful nine-year tenure and who served the institution in various roles for over 18 years. The Board is seeking a President who is excited about serving a small, nimble, creative, and dynamic college and who finds energy and joy in the challenges of leading such an institution.

The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the College, reporting directly to the Board of Regents. The President has full authority and responsibility for the operation of the College under policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the Board. Additionally, the President recommends policies and actions related to educational and co-curricular programs, which serve the best interests of the citizens of the service area and the College. Finally, the President understands the cooperative relationship of shared governance that exists between the Board and President.

The President of Frank Phillips College is expected to be very present and highly visible in the Borger community, in the College community, and throughout the nine-county service area of the Texas Panhandle. The College is seeking an individual who not only understands the rural West Texas environment, but also who wants to be in a smaller rural college that is both nimble and creative. Additionally, the College is seeking a President who wants to make a long-term commitment to the College and the community. The College expects its next President to live within the community and be actively involved in the vibrant life of the College and the community.

In addition to the typical duties and responsibilities one might expect in the Presidential Profile, because Frank Phillips College functions as a small, rural-serving institution, the President currently fulfills some atypical supervision and span of control roles. The President serves as the Athletic Director, and the following department Directors also directly report to the President: Information Technology, Safety Center, Auxiliary, Maintenance and Custodial, and Food Service. While the newly appointed President will initially assume the same responsibilities, the Board recognizes that a new President will likely want to restructure the College organization and is open to receiving recommendations on restructuring.

While the following roles, functions, abilities, characteristics, and personal attributes are critical to the expectations for a Frank Phillips President, there is a flavor and context unique to the Frank Phillips College Presidency which is captured in the Additional Perspectives*.


Presidents Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote and enhance the institution’s mission and core values
  • Provide evidence of significant involvement in initiatives related to student success
  • Demonstrate documented competence in fiscal management
  • Illustrate an understanding of the importance of institutional relevance for the institution to thrive
  • Understand the role of collegiate athletics for a small, rural community college
  • Serve as a visible spokesperson and thought leader who will create partnerships with all stakeholders, including K-12 districts and school systems, higher education institutions, businesses and industries, non-profits, government agencies, and state legislatures
  • Perform as an exceptional administrator who has experience working at an institution with pre-college experiences, concurrent-enrollment opportunities, athletic programs, and student housing
  • Model the behavior characteristic of a leader of integrity who is open-minded, transparent, honest, approachable, and enthusiastic
  • Appreciate and build upon the unique characteristics of a nimble college serving a large geographical area
  • Develop positive working relationships with a governing board and provide leadership that results in a cohesive team working together to achieve the mission of the College
  • Serve as the Chief Fundraiser for the institution

Additional Perspectives*

While the aforementioned roles, responsibilities, characteristics, and attributes are critical to the expectations for a Frank Phillips President, there is a flavor and context unique to the Frank Phillips College Presidency.  Please also review these anecdotal comments to gain a better understanding of the nature of Frank Phillips College.

  • Understand that sustainability -and the possibility of thriving - comes though achieving institutional relevancy – every faculty/staff/coach can create relevancy. When we are relevant, we build enrollment and community support.
  • Have Apollo 13 grit
  • Understand at this small college you are in a “fishbowl” – the campuses see and know the President’s actions and reactions to every situation. Some are balls and some are strikes but they ain’t nothing until you call them
  • Two important roles for the President: keeper of the culture and create touchpoints
  • Figure out what everyone else is doing and when appropriate, do the opposite
  • Get the right people on the bus and the bus will get you there
  • It’s not all about the finances but not understanding the finances will get you into trouble in a hurry – thin margin of error
  • Create an environment that lets faculty/staff/coaches perform their passion but help them realize they are never bigger or more important than the institution
  • You are the President, now get over it
  • Have the emotional intelligence to know you are President of the smallest community college in Texas where everything is bigger, except your institution; you don’t let your size limit your potential – you use it as an advantage
  • Realize the opportunity to be remarkable has nothing to do with size – it’s your perspective
  • Help faculty/staff/coaches realize that every institution in the country has one of you but no other institution has one of you – you are the difference maker

Ideal Characteristics

As a strong leader on campus and in the community, the President will draw upon the following characteristics related to these areas of leadership:

  • Demonstrated commitment to all components of the comprehensive community college mission
  • Champion of innovative teaching and learning
  • A track record of knowledge and experience promoting strategies to achieve Student Success
  • Support for nontraditional pedagogy for adult learners
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the challenges of serving students throughout a large geographical area
  • A track record of good management operations throughout a college
  • Deep experience with fiscal issues, human resources, crisis management, and facilities management
  • Demonstrated good judgement and the ability to make timely decisions
  • A history as a forward-looking thinker and creative problem-solver
  • Ability to balance shared governance and collaboration with firm decision making
  • Interpersonal Skills, including communication and listening and respect of all persons
  • Ability to work with and unify individuals with different perspectives
  • Experience as a mediator and adept at conflict resolution
  • Extensive legislative experience and political savvy
  • Documented success in procuring alternate forms of revenue, work with a college foundation, and experience in fundraising
  • Extensive experience with accreditation processes and requirements
  • Demonstrated Leadership in the area of Information Technology
  • Previous experience working with a governing board


Personal Attributes

  • Trustworthy
  • Visible, accessible, and approachable
  • Open and transparent
  • Ethical, fair, and operates with integrity
  • Strong, courageous, and resilient
  • Calm under stress
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Sense of humor when most needed


Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s degree is required
  • Three years of community college executive leadership


Preferred Qualifications

  • Doctorate from a regionally accredited institution is preferred

Learn more about the search

Frank Phillips College Presidential Search Timeline*

September 2020

ACCT Search consultant facilitates open public forums and electronic survey distributed to solicit feedback to help inform the development of the Draft Presidential Profile.

September 2020

Search Committee orientation/training and review of confidentiality, timeline, and application review process; review and edit the draft presidential profile. Board of Regents formally approves the Presidential Profile

September 2020

Position is open and advertised. Presidential Profile posted on website and Targeted local, state-wide, and national one-to-one recruitment commences; national advertising placed

October 23, 2020

Target Date for Receipt of Applications (open until filled)

Late October 2020

Search Committee Meeting (#2); Discussion and selection confidential semifinalist candidates.

Mid-November 2020

Search Committee Meeting (#3); Confidential video interviews with semifinalists. The Committee deliberates and selects finalists to forward to the Board for further consideration

Week of Nov. 30, 2020

Final candidates interview with the full Board, tour campus, participate in open public forums, meet with direct reports; after the last visit the Board deliberates and selects first-choice candidate

21 day waiting period

Board of Trustees votes to hire the next president of Frank Phillips College

January 2021

Tentative Start Date

*Timeline subject to change

Frank Phillips College

Institutional Information
Frank Phillips College is a remarkable institution which has transformed its service area in the High Plains Panhandle of Texas.  Because of its size, FPC is able to nimbly meet the emerging needs of business, industry, and the local independent school districts.  Members of the college community describe the institution as a great place to work, characterized by quality and creativity.  In a number of initiatives, Frank Phillips College has become the model for other community colleges, not only in Texas, but also nationally. The quality of Frank Phillips College is characterized by indicators such as the 100% pass rate by the nursing department on the first time NCLEX board exams.  Next year FPC hopes to be the only community college in Texas to have achieved such a quality metric for 5 consecutive years.  FPC has become a model for community colleges nationally with its Rural Nursing Education Consortium (RNEC), providing exceptional opportunities for nursing students in the region.  Another example of excellence by FPC is its participation in a national higher education project known as “Foundations of Excellence® in the First College Year.” The institution has not allowed its size or limited resources to impede its vision or its progress.  Rather, the institution has adopted an Apollo 13 mindset:  here is what you have to work with, bring the vessel home!  There is a contagious level of energy and excitement at Frank Phillips College that feeds off the challenge of excelling – providing an opportunity to create a culture and not simply be a creature of the culture. Frank Phillips College is the northernmost community college in the State of Texas, serving 80,000 residents and students in 9 counties over 10,000 square miles in the Texas Panhandle where the spirit of the Plainsmen stands proud.  The main campus is located in Borger, TX, which is home to over 13,000 residents.  A large part of the rural Texas Panhandle consists of underserved, underrepresented students – many first-generation college students.  Frank Phillips College is dedicated to a culture of diversity. The vision of FPC is to create a college that is a harbor for those passionate to educate and to foster a passion in those to be educated.  This culture that has been created makes FPC a great place to work regardless of what position one holds.

History and Significant Accomplishments
Frank Phillips College has been dedicated to serving students in the Texas Panhandle since 1948.  The campus has grown from a classroom complex and gymnasium sitting on thirty acres, to a campus of 177 acres, with 16 buildings today. Additionally, Frank Phillips College has two branch campuses to better serve the rural communities within the full-service area:  The Rahll Campus located in Dalhart, Texas, and the Allen Campus located in Perryton, Texas.  FPC also provides cosmetology and nursing programs in Dumas and Hereford. The institution offers extensive dual credit programs to numerous school districts in the Texas Panhandle, including some districts in the Amarillo College service area. Today the College’s enrollment is more than 1,450 students per semester in academic transfer offerings as well as in workforce and extended education programs. As a result of the location and size of Frank Phillips College, partnerships constitute an essential characteristic. The college has fostered partnerships within the local community such as the Borger Independent School District where dual credit students have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree before they graduate from High School.  In addition, Frank Phillips issues approximately $200k each year in scholarships which allows local high school graduates to complete their Associate’s Degree at no cost to them.  Partnerships to educate the future of local industry workers in the area include the implementation of programs such as Process Technology, I & E (instrumentation and electrical), and Welding.  Frank Phillips College has strengthened its nursing program by developing a partnership with West Texas A&M University and their BSN program.  The college has also purposefully integrated into the local community by facilitating choir and theatre groups. FPC has also purposefully integrated into the local community by facilitating choir and theatre groups. Frank Phillips is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees.  In September of 2020, the College successfully completed the 10-year SACSCOC reaccreditation process.

Mission Statement
Frank Phillips College is a comprehensive two-year, community-based educational organization committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and services.

Core Values
In May of 2016, the Frank Phillips College Plainsmen Council began the process of defining the college’s core values.  All faculty and staff were invited to submit lists of their core values, both personally and departmentally – values that govern their decisions and actions in the workplace.  The Plainsmen Council met several times over the next few months to review and finalize the list.  The following were established on November 7, 2016 as Frank Phillips College Core Values.
  • Quality matters because students matter.
  • Where our students come from doesn’t matter as much as where they are going.
  • Challenge the status quo to create innovative momentum.
  • Do the right thing with integrity, honor, and accountability.
  • Love what you do, you make a difference.

How to Apply:

This is a confidential search process. To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received no later than October 23, 2020. The position will remain open until filled. To apply go to and upload your documents. Candidates will need to have the following information or materials available to complete the application:
  1. A letter of application (not to exceed 5 pages) that succinctly addresses the opportunities and challenges identified in the Position Profile and demonstrates how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve as the President of Frank Phillips College.
  2. A current resume including an email address and cellular telephone number.
  3. A list of eight references: example, two to three supervisors, two to three direct reports and two to three faculty and/or staff members from current and former institutions.
 For additional information, nominations or confidential inquiries please contact:
  • Bill Holda, Ed.D., ACCT Search Consultant,, (903) 987-3332 (mobile)
  • Julie Golder, J.D., Vice President of Search Services, ACCT,, (202) 384-5816 (mobile), 202-775-4466 (office)

*An ACCT Search*