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Life Hacks make college easier

By Miranda Downing
Plainsmen Post Staff

Between the hard way and the easy way, most everyone will take the easy way. So considering we’re in college and classes are hard enough, here are some life hacks to make your time just a little bit easier during school or daily home life.

Use the snack incentive while studying: For each paragraph of the book you need to read or notes you need to study put a snack like a gummy bear at the end so when you’re done you get the gummy bear as a reward.

Build up your GPA in the beginning semesters when classes are easier: This is self-explanatory.

Save space in your tiny closet by hanging multiple garments with soda pop tabs

Use a fork to dip your Oreos in milk to avoid getting the milk on your fingers: We all hate getting milk on our fingers, so by using a fork we avoid that and our Oreo won’t fall to the bottom of the cup.

There are many more life hacks out there to make your life a breeze, but I felt these four on a personal level, hopefully ya’ll do too.

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