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Employment opportunities available on campus

Employment opportunities available on campus

Bao Bui, Plainsmen Post Staff
September 28, 2017

With many students having trouble finding jobs at restaurants or grocery stores, on-campus employment presents a good option. Students usually work part-time and get paid biweekly with the minimum wage at $7.25 per hour.

Deborah Johnson, director of counseling, testing, and career, said students can apply for jobs at ARC, TRiO, BCAC, and the cafeteria.

If a student is interested in helping other students with math, he or she can apply for tutoring positions at the ARC and TRiO. Even though both places recommend applicants have a strong interest as well as knowledge of the subject they want to tutor, the requirements for employment in each area are slightly different. The ARC often looks for potential tutors who have GPAs of at least 2.0 and pass the interviews.

“I look for applicants who are at least strong at the subjects they would like to tutor and confident of helping other students with it,” said Derrick Cummings, director of the ARC.

However, TRiO requires applicants to have at least a 3.0 GPA. For any further information about how to apply for TRiO tutor positions, please contact Bobbie Mosby, academic support coordinator, at the TRiO building.

Besides tutoring, TRiO also recruits mentors at the beginning of each semester. TRiO adviser Brittni Smith oversees this recruitment. Applicants should be around the campus and have contact with FPC students. Mentors’ duties are to send emails to students about upcoming events at TRiO, for example; field trips, seminars and movie nights.

For those who swim well and are interested in becoming lifeguards, they should not miss job opportunities offered at the BCAC. Students need to stop by the front desk inside the BCAC and asks for the application forms from any receptionists on duty.

At the cafeteria, the job available for students is usually a dish-washing position. Deanna Moon, cafeteria director, said she considers how they present themselves to her when considering someone for employment.

“I always consider their attitude first. It is important for my employees to have respect toward other people,” Moon said.

The work schedule is flexible and depends on the students’ class schedule. The cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday through Friday, and for brunches and dinner on the weekends. Employees are often required to be at work one hour before opening hours.

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