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Livestock Judging Schedule   2018 Schedule


Time Opponent Location Score Record
noon Redlands College 7 & 7 Borger, Texas 17-9 : 10-6 0-2
noon Redlands College 7 & 8 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-7 0-3
noon Redlands College 7 & 9 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-8 0-4
noon Redlands College 7 & 10 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-9 0-5
noon Redlands College 7 & 11 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-10 0-6
noon Redlands College 7 & 12 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-11 0-7
noon Redlands College 7 & 13 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-12 0-8
noon Redlands College 7 & 14 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-13 0-9
noon Redlands College 7 & 15 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-14 0-10
noon Redlands College 7 & 16 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-15 0-11
noon Redlands College 7 & 17 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-16 0-12
noon Redlands College 7 & 18 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-17 0-13
noon Redlands College 7 & 19 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-18 0-14
noon Redlands College 7 & 20 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-19 0-15
noon Redlands College 7 & 21 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-20 0-16
noon Redlands College 7 & 22 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-21 0-17
noon Redlands College 7 & 23 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-22 0-18
noon Redlands College 7 & 24 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-23 0-19
noon Redlands College 7 & 25 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-24 0-20
noon Redlands College 7 & 26 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-25 0-21
noon Redlands College 7 & 27 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-26 0-22
noon Redlands College 7 & 28 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-27 0-23
noon Redlands College 7 & 29 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-28 0-24
noon Redlands College 7 & 30 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-29 0-25
noon Redlands College 7 & 31 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-30 0-26
noon Redlands College 7 & 32 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-31 0-27
noon Redlands College 7 & 33 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-32 0-28
noon Redlands College 7 & 34 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-33 0-29
noon Redlands College 7 & 35 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-34 0-30
noon Redlands College 7 & 36 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-35 0-31
noon Redlands College 7 & 37 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-36 0-32
noon Redlands College 7 & 38 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-37 0-33
noon Redlands College 7 & 39 Borger, Texas 17-9 10-38 0-34
Livestock Judging Roster
FPC Judging 2017-2018 Roster
Name Class Hometown      
August Bertz Freshman Mayview, MO      
Luke Cowan Sophomore Greenwood, TX      
Jessica Dammers Freshman Stephenville, TX      
Michela Ditmore Freshman Mayflower, AR      
Hunter Ganske Sophomore Bullard, TX      
Caden Horton Freshman Plainview, TX      
Clay Kimberlin Sophomore Olathe, CO      
Sidney Love Freshman Stephenville, TX      
Timothy Maldenado Sophomore Ozona, TX      
Malorie McAllister Sophomore Moriarty, TX      
Mallory Mckinney Freshman Amarillo, TX      
Hagen Offield Freshman Plainview, TX      
Dacey Smith Sophomore Amarillo, TX      
Brayden White Freshman Happy, TX      
Coaching Staff

Lane Hale

Title: Livestock Judging Coach
College: Texas Tech University
Hometown: Ozona, TX
Office: (806)457-4200 Ext.758 • Email:

Lane grew up in Ozona, TX where he was actively involved in his local 4-H and FFA clubs.  After graduation he went to school on a livestock judging scholarship at South Plains College and Texas Tech University.  While at TTU he was a member of the livestock judging team that went on to win Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and lastly the 2015 National Championship at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY.   Lane graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Agriculture and a Minor in Animal Science.  

Outside of his job here at FPC, Lane judges junior livestock shows across the United States and operates Hale Show Stock, a firm that specializes in producing high quality blackface sheep that are competitive on a national level.

Statistics & Links
Students participating on the Frank Phillips College Livestock Judging Team have the opportunity to continue to develop invaluable life skills of: responsibility, observation, critical thinking, decision making, time management, organization, public speaking, team work, and much more.
Frank Phillips College is located 50 miles northeast of Amarillo, in the heart of one of the most amazing livestock areas in the world. Outstanding beef cattle, sheep, hogs, and meat goats are easily found within several hours of the Frank Phillips College Borger Campus. Livestock Judging Team members will have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States to compete in local, regional, and national livestock judging contests, while seeing outstanding livestock and meeting some of the great people in the industry. Livestock Judging Team members will work outside of class, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.
Scholarships are available for Frank Phillips Livestock Judging Team members, who, according to the guidelines of the Junior College Coaches Association, must major in Agriculture and must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible.
Frank Phillips College actively recruits livestock judging team students. This is a great opportunity to get an excellent education from FPC, which is ranked as one of the top 30 community colleges in the nation, while learning about the livestock industry.
The Frank Phillips College Livestock Judging Team operates under the guidelines of the Junior College Coaches Association.
For more information about the Frank Phillips College Livestock Judging Team, contact Lane Hale, Ag Instructor/Livestock Judging Team Coach, 806-457-4200 ext. 758 or at

5 Day Road Trip Toward Success - October 10th, 2018

It’s been a long, hard 5 days on the road after competing at the Texas State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, and Flint Hills Classic. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned, nonetheless we’re very proud of our students and the potential they show going forward! Huge shoutout to the freshman team for breaking into the top 5 overall at the largest State Fair of Texas in history with over 350 contestants from across the nation! Results:

State Fair of Texas Freshman Division:
4th High Team Overall
4th High Team Cattle
4th High Team Sheep & Goats 
*Sidney Love*

4th High Sheep & Goats 
12th Cattle 
15th Overall 

10th Hogs 
*Michela Ditmore*

6th High Hogs 
*Jessica Dammers* 

11th Hogs

2nd High Individual Sheep & Goats 
*Caden Horton*

9th High Oral Reasons 
*Brayden White*

7th High Sheep & Goats 
*Luke Cowan* 

10th High Sheep & Goats 
*Malorie McAllister* 

11th Hogs 

Livestock Judging Results - September 17, 2018

The Plainsman had another strong showing this past weekend at the Tri-State Fair! We’re really proud of this group of young people and their accomplishments thus far! In another stout competition they’re proving themselves as very skilled evaluators. 


Reserve Champion Team Overall 
2nd High Team in Swine 
3rd High Team in Cattle
3rd High Team in Reasons 
3rd High Team in Sheep & Goats 

Mallory Mckinney- 7th High Individual Overall; 2nd High Individual Cattle (tie for 1st); 11th High Individual Reasons 
Brayden White- 8th High Individual Overall; 9th High Individual Cattle; 8th High Individual Cattle 
Jessica Dammers- 9th High Individual Overall; 4th High Individual Reasons; 8th High Individual Sheep & Goats 
Caden Horton- 10th High Individual Overall; 4th High Individual Cattle
Michela Ditmore- 8th High Individual Reasons 
Hagen Offield- 8th High Individual Cattle 
Sidney Love- High Individual Sheep & Goats 

4th High Team Overall 

Hunter Ganske- 2nd High Individual Overall; 5th High Individual Cattle; 6th High Individual Reasons; 3rd High Individual Swine 
Timothy Maldenado- 9th High Individual Overall; 5th High Individual Sheep & Goats; 7th High Individual Swine 
Clay Kimberlin- 8th High Individual Cattle; 9th High Individual Sheep & Goats 
Luke Cowan- 4th High Individual Cattle 
Dacey Smith- 9th High Individual Reasons; 4th High Individual Sheep & Goats 

Several other students were just a point or two away from top 10 recognition. 

Meet the Team - September 13, 2018

6 sophomores (pictured left)  and 8 freshman (pictured right) make up this years Livestock Judging team at FPC. They have already earned successful honors in their first performance of the fall season. We look forward to the continued success for their 2018-2019 season. 

Livestock Judging Success - September 9, 2018

The FPC Judging Team started their year off with a solid performance at the annual Texas Braunvieh Clinic contest hosted by Clarendon College! With 10+ teams entered we are very impressed with both our returning sophomores and the incoming freshman. Not to mention, this success early on should give us tremendous momentum as we compete across the nation this fall! Highlights include: 

  • 2nd High Point Team Overall 
  • 3rd High Point Team Overall 
  • Brayden White- 2nd High Individual 
  • Hunter Ganske- 5th High Individual 
  • Hagen Offield- 6th High Individual 
  • Jessica Dammers- 8th High Individual 
  • Michela Ditmore- 11th High Individual 
  • Dacey Smith- 12th High Individual  

It’s looking like a great year to come for the Plainsman! 

FPC Plainsmen Lifestock Judging Team Reports to Campus - August 22, 2018

The 8 freshmen and 6 sophomores that comprise the FPC Livestock Judging Team arrived on Sunday afternoon and got moved in to the dorms.  After move in Coach Lane Hale cooked the team dinner at the Livestock Genetics Center and then the group had some fun and team building time playing games.  Everyone had a blast and it was a great night of fun before the team started hard at work on Monday morning.  The judging teams will spend most of this week traveling and practicing and open the 2018-19 campaign in Amarillo, TX at Tri-State Fair in September.

LJ team 8-2016