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Frank Phillips College Student Financial Services

Welcome to Student Financial Services or as we like to refer to it, Student Financial Planning!  Frank Phillips College understands the financial commitment it takes on your part to pursue higher education.  And you are not alone; three out of four students receive some type of financial assistance.  The good news, we know how to navigate you through the process.

If you are looking for ways to help you pay for college, you are in the right place.  For a quick view of available options, see the Quick View Page.  PLEASE NOTE: Our payout plan is available to all students.

Feel free to contact our offices for information regarding any of these areas.

Step 1: Choices
You have several choices regarding student financial services: scholarships, grants, loans, part-time employment, and our payout plan. Realize that you may have multiple choices all of these, one of these, or various combinations.

Step 2: Determine Eligibility and Financial Need
Eligibility and financial need for grants, loans, and part-time employment are the same. Eligibility for FPC scholarships is determined by the requirements of the individual scholarship. There is no eligibility requirement for our payout plan.

Step 3: Suggested Deadlines
A good rule of thumb regarding student financial services deadlines is the earlier the better. The student financial services office gives first priority for aid consideration to students whose applications are received early. Deadline for guaranteed funding for summer sessions is May 1st. Deadline for guaranteed funding for fall semester is July 1st and deadline for guaranteed funding for spring semester is December 10th. However, don’t count yourself out until you have contacted our office.

Step 4: Complete FAFSA
A completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid) will be needed. You will need your income information (and possibly your parents income information) from the previous year.

Step 5: Complete FPC Application
For a FPC scholarship, complete a FPC scholarship application:
For grants, loans, and part-time employment complete a FPC Student Data Form:
For a Payout plan online application:

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